I felt so blessed to have such a reliable and caring midwife for my first baby. She did everything in her power to make myself and my partner feel supported and to ensure our daughter was happy and healthy. We are truly grateful and will be so pleased if she is available to be our midwife for our second child in the future. My guardian angel!



Sanaz is one of the best professional midwives I have known. Very loving and professional. She knows what a pregnant woman wants and is very supportive through out the whole pregnancy. I'm comfortable talking to her about anything as she is trustworthy. She's just the best! She understands everything that a pregnant woman is going through.

Mele Kanofou & Baby Maiana


"Being my third baby, I had some pretty definite ideas about what i did and didn't want for the labor and birth of my daughter Ariel, including, if possible, a water birth at home. I was ecstatic to find Sanaz not only respecting my decisions but also being supportive and understanding about the thought process behind it. I had a beautiful, intimate home birth in the family bath by candle light with my partner at hand and my two older children asleep in their own beds. As a result i had a really relaxed and low maintenance experience without the extra fuss being transported, to the hospital, after care and home again, the switching of care takers and all the unnecessary logistics which arise in the more clinical approach of a hospital birth. I was confident in myself to attempt the home birth but it was crucial to also have a confident midwife who would allow me to take the more relaxed approach to labor and birth. Sanaz exceeded all my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any woman looking for a professional, knowledgeable and friendly midwife."

Jessica Myers Anderson Torpey


As soon as I found out about my pregnancy in the 4th week, I was all excited and extremely nervous and anxious at the same time. Since it was my first baby I had no clue as to what to expect and what to do! I was soon contacted by Sanaz as my midwife and the very first time I met her I knew I could trust her. Her beautiful smile and friendly nature made me feel very comfortable in sharing all my thoughts with her and in asking anything I wanted to. I had a very smooth and pleasant pregnancy however due to some last minute complications I had to go through a c section. Sanaz was there with me to support me and my family through that tough time. The best was the support and care we received after my baby was born. Sanaz made regular visits to my place and made sure that both I and the baby were keeping well. I am really grateful to Sanaz for being such a wonderful friend and a guide to me through my pregnancy and child birth.



We want to say thank you for all your support during pregnancy, birth and few weeks after Elina's birth. We are truly grateful to have found you as a fantastic and responsible midwife. Thank you for your time and effort you put into your work. You are a wonderful midwife. we wish you success and happiness throughout your personal life and your work. Thanks!

Farnaz, Masoud, Melina and Elina


I couldn't have been happier with Sanaz as my midwife. Right from our first meeting I was happy and felt comfortable with her. The birth of my first child was by emergency Caesarian, and Sanaz encouraged me and made sure that I could try for a VBAC this time round. On 24th January, I gave birth naturally to my daughter Emma. Thanks Sanaz for a great experience and your guidance.

Hannah Kelly